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Designed and tested by Marcus Tardrew, Ben Tardrew, Daniel Juengling and James Casey.

Code Foil Products

Our unique foil designs offers versatility in manoeuvrability and superior glide. Dedicated to relentless testing and innovation, we proudly deliver the world’s finest hydrofoils. Australian-owned and designed for uncompromising performance.

770R High Modulus Front Wing

front Wings

Code Foils offer two series of hydrofoil front wings that offer incredible range and versatility across a variety of foiling disciplines.

S Series Front Wings
All-around front wing
720S – 850S – 980S
1130S High Modulus

R Series Front Wings
Versatile downwind wing
770R High Modulus –
860R High Modulus

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Code Foils 174AR Tail Wing

Tail Wings

Code Foils offers five tails in the AR series, each scaled and considered in design to provide a variety of foiling experiences.

The AR series offer superior glide and great carving ability, redefining the boundaries of speed, agility, and control.

150AR – 142AR – 158AR – 175AR – 188AR

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Close up of Code Foils mast


Code Foils masts are made of high modulus carbon fiber and optimized for stiffness, rigidity, and power transfer. Available in two sizes to suit the discipline and conditions you ride.

They are tapered toward the bottom of the mast to increase glide and efficiency.

75cm – 85cm

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Code Foils Fuselage


The Code Foils Fuselage has a unique joining system which joins together with zero movement!

They have been designed with strength and stiffness in mind and come in three different lengths to offer versatility and a variety of opportunities for foilers.

Each fuse offered is 30mm different in length.
Medium – Small – Large

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Code Accessories

Now we have a paddle. Soon, we will have much more.

The Code Paddle

The Code Foils paddle is the ultimate SUP downwind foiling paddle. It is made from 100% prepreg carbon. This makes it incredibly lightweight and strong. The unique design allows for maximum power and efficiency, both in the paddle-up and when on foil.

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Code Foils Paddle

It’s Demo Time!

We are providing demo setups to retailers around the world so you can try our foils for yourself



Pic by WSS Boards

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a demo Code Foils 850S, this was a drop of some 200 cm2 of area from my daily driver. I managed to compare back-to-back over a 3-day period and came away with the only conclusion you could, and placed my order at the local distributor. READ FULL TESTIMONIAL.

oliver darkes


Our Story

marcus, Ben, Daniel and James work Together

We share the same passion for flying above the water and are out there testing gear daily so we can produce the best hydrofoils in the world.

Meet The Team

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The Future of Foiling is here

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Code Foils

Founded by Marcus and Ben Tardrew, an esteemed designer behind Sunova and an industry-leading board shaper and foil designer, alongside Daniel Juengling, a renowned architect and builder with extensive CAD and manufacturing expertise, and James Casey, an accomplished waterman and foiler.

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