Our Story

Four foilers, sharing the same passion for flying above the water producing the best hydrofoils in the world.


An uncomplicated approach to foils

The Code Team

Australian-owned and designed since 2022. Our team share the same passion for flying above the water and are out there testing gear daily so we can produce the best  hydrofoils in the world

Josh Ku, Code Foils Team

Josh Ku

Josh Ku is a distinguished waterman and is the head of marketing at Code Foils. Renowned for his expertise across multiple water sports disciplines, Ku plays a pivotal role in product development, brand promotion and community engagement.

Marcus Tardrew, Code Foils Team

Marcus Tardrew

Leading SUP and board shaper across multiple disciplines for the last 15 years. Board designer for Sunova. Marcus was the first Australian to complete the Molokai to Oahu race on a foil in 2019.

Ben Tardrew, Code Foils Team

Ben Tardrew

Renowned Gold Coast shaper with many years of hydrofoil design experience. Ben has a lifetime on the ocean sailing, surfing and foiling since the sport’s infancy. Ben has been making hydrofoils for 6 years.

Dan Juengling, Code Foils Team

Dan Juengling

Industry-leading architect and builder with over 20 years of experience in computer-aided design and manufacturing.

James Casey, Code Foils Team

James Casey

One of the world’s most respected and accomplished watermen and foilers. Winner of Molokai 2 Oahu ocean race and numerous Aussie titles.

The Future of Foiling is here

Are you ready to experience the future of foiling? We have shops around the world selling Code Foils, with more being added every month. Locate a shop near you. Or if you have any questions, contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Code Foils

Founded by Marcus and Ben Tardrew, an esteemed designer behind Sunova and an industry-leading board shaper and foil designer, alongside Daniel Juengling, a renowned architect and builder with extensive CAD and manufacturing expertise, and James Casey, an accomplished waterman and foiler.

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