Assembly Guide

We are providing the following information to help you assemble your new foil correctly.

Code Foils Assembly Information

Use the following information to assemble your new foil. Check our YouTube channel for more information on assembly and care of of components.

Take care of trailing edges and use care when handling foils and components.

When you’re off the water store your foils and components in their cases. Most damage occurs when out of the water.

Damage caused to components from using power tools is not covered under warranty. This includes using drills or impact drivers to tighten and loosen screws.

Click here to see our warranty information.

Code Foils Assembly Guide

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Code Foils

Founded by Marcus and Ben Tardrew, an esteemed designer behind Sunova and an industry-leading board shaper and foil designer, alongside Daniel Juengling, a renowned architect and builder with extensive CAD and manufacturing expertise, and James Casey, an accomplished waterman and foiler.

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