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Performance meets style.

Cutting-edge technology meets craftsmanship.

Code Foils

Incredible Range and Versatility for Any Foiling Discipline

We have built a range of foils that are simple to understand. Each wing has the same profile, you only need to adjust the size based on your weight or ability. Our products are made to the highest standards with the best materials available. All components come with well-designed cases and all bolts required.

Front Wings

Code Foils offers two series of hydrofoil front wings that are designed to give you the performance and versatility you need for any foiling adventure. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, Code Foils has a wing that’s perfect for you. Both ranges are scaled to match your weight and ability.

S Series: The S Series is the ultimate all-around front wing. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike, and it can be used for a variety of foiling disciplines, including prone, wing, SUP, and downwind. The S Series is known for its early lift, smooth handling, and incredible range.

R Series: The R Series is designed for the growing discipline of downwind foiling. Comfort, glide, speed and efficiency have all been carefully considered in the design of the R series.

No matter what your foiling goals are, Code Foils has a wing that’s perfect for you. Explore our S Series and R Series wings today and find the perfect wing to take your foiling to the next level.

Code Foils Front Wings

Tail Wings

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering passion for peak performance, our tail wings are designed to push the boundaries of speed, agility, and control to new heights. At Code Foils, we offer a diverse selection of tail sizes across two distinct series: the AR and the R series.

The AR tail range is celebrated for its exceptional glide and balanced carving ability, making it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of performance characteristics. Each of the five different tail sizes within this series is designed to provide a uniquely satisfying ride while maintaining a consistent feel that users have come to love.

The R series offers our latest innovation in tail wing design. This series is engineered to offer superior glide and efficiency in a compact, high aspect form factor.


The Code fuselages have been designed with strength and stiffness in mind. They come in three different lengths to offer versatility and a variety of opportunities for foilers. Each fuse offered is 30mm different in length.

Code Foils Fuselage

High Modulus Mast

Code Foils offers high modulus carbon masts with an extended blend to base plate. Both the 75cm and 85cm are stiff with a rigid tuttle connection to the front wing. The masts have a tapered bottom section for increased glide, and efficiency. We offer 75cm, 80cm and 85cm options.

Code Foils 80cm Mast

Code Accessories

Embark on a journey that will redefine your expectations and elevate your hydrofoiling adventures. Code Foils products are designed for performance meets style and where cutting-edge technology meets craftsmanship.

The Future of Foiling is here

Are you ready to experience the future of foiling? We have shops around the world selling Code Foils, with more being added every month. Locate a shop near you. Or if you have any questions, contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Code Foils

Founded by Marcus and Ben Tardrew, an esteemed designer behind Sunova and an industry-leading board shaper and foil designer, alongside Daniel Juengling, a renowned architect and builder with extensive CAD and manufacturing expertise, and James Casey, an accomplished waterman and foiler.

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