The Code paddle

Code Foils Paddle

The Code paddle

A paddle made for SUP downwind foiling, founded on years of SUP and foiling experience.

The Code Foils paddle is the ultimate SUP downwind foiling paddle. It is made from 100% prepreg carbon, which makes it incredibly lightweight and strong. The paddle features a unique design that allows for maximum power and efficiency, both in the paddle up and when on foil.

Head Design

The paddle head has a unique dihedral design that provides maximum surface area on a medium-sized blade. This design also locks the paddle in, helping it to track directly and reduce wobble. The blade angle has been carefully considered to maximize efficiency and power. An ABS plastic edging offers a layer of protection to your paddle from any unintended hits or collisions.

Shaft Design

The tapered shaft further reduces weight and maintains a light feel. The unique handle is comfortable and provides a secure grip.


  • 100% prepreg carbon construction
  • Unique dihedral design
  • Medium-sized blade
  • ABS plastic edging
  • Tapered shaft
  • Unique handle


  • Lightweight and strong
  • Maximum power and efficiency
  • Easy to paddle up
  • Tracks directly
  • Reduces wobble
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip


Designer Notes

With over 40 years of combined paddling experience amongst us, we are happy to release The Code Paddle. This paddle is designed with maximum output and high cadence in mind. The tapered shaft is stiff and light, the handle is simple and straightforward and the head remains strong and efficient. We have opted for a smaller paddle head at 85 square inches, This allows for quick release of the blade and also allows for those small directional changes you may need in the rougher conditions. The paddle has been reinforced with a plastic ABS edge which helps with unwanted knocks and bumps.

- Marcus, Ben, Dan and James

The Future of Foiling is here

Are you ready to experience the future of foiling? We have shops around the world selling Code Foils, with more being added every month. Locate a shop near you. Or if you have any questions, contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Code Foils

Founded by Marcus and Ben Tardrew, an esteemed designer behind Sunova and an industry-leading board shaper and foil designer, alongside Daniel Juengling, a renowned architect and builder with extensive CAD and manufacturing expertise, and James Casey, an accomplished waterman and foiler.

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